i’m a person too

just had to give my kids the “i’m a person too” talk.  you know, the “i’m not just a mommy, cook, housekeeper, laundry washer, homework supervisor, etc.” talk?  we’ve fallen into this rut where everyday after school, if i’m not saying ‘go outside to play’, or ‘come do your homework’, they do nothing.  they sit.  and they stare.  at me.  as if i’ve nothing else to do but sit and be watched while doing things i need to do.

sometimes i need to switch the laundry, or cook the food, or vacuum the house, or put away groceries, or organize papers, or check my email, or the news, or the weather.  and i’d like to do those things, without someone staring at me.

so starting tomorrow, when they get home, they need to do their jobs~unpack their bags, change their clothes, and wash their hands.  and when they’re finished, if i’m in the middle of doing something, they may not sit and stare at me.  they must find something to do.  and if staring is what they’d like to do, they can sit in their rooms and stare at something there.  just not at me.


  • Katy

    I had to chuckle when I read this, because I just had *THE SAME* conversation with someone else today. My problem is not so much my one who is at school during the day, but the 4-year-old who finds himself without his play mate! He wants to just mope around and wait for me to entertain him. My new rules are #1 – if you want to be with me while I am folding laundry/vacuuming/doing work, you must be working too (well, he could play, but he can’t just sit there and watch), and #2 – if you want to pout/mope/do nothing, you can do it in your own room. So far he’s not happy about it, but it’s helpful. Hope you can get a little sanity break, too!

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