i’m not marrying

me:  guys, it looks like those books are going to fall on your head.  that’s not safe.

7 year old:  well, it hasn’t happened yet.

me:  i think it’s time to take the fort apart.  i don’t want you to get hurt.  and you’ve had a terrible attitude toward me when i’ve talked to you about how you’re behaving while you’re using the fort.

7 year old:  that’s not fair that you didn’t let us have that fort that way.

me:  here’s how this works.  i’m the mom and if i see something that seems like it could hurt my children, i stop it.

7 year old:  i don’t like that.

me:  well, i’m sorry, but you don’t get to decide now. when you’re a dad you can choose for your kids.

7 year old:   i’m not marrying.  i’m not gonna be a dad.

me:   why?

7 year old:   so i can just play video games and wear shorts and short sleeves.

i’m not going to tell him, but there’s a slight chance he could meet a girl who wouldn’t mind if he played video games and wore shorts and short sleeves.

and as him mom, i wouldn’t mind either if constantly playing video games as a child wouldn’t harm his growth and development and if he wanted to wear shorts and short sleeves when the temperature is at least above 50.

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