in need of wisdom

please pray for us! we have a long list of things to be praying about. becoming mom and dad, becoming a family, me being home fulltime, getting our house ready, the adjustment of the children to all that will going on, their alleged fear of dogs and the fact that we have one, etc. all that aside, we need wisdom.

over the next couple of visits with the kids, tonight and saturday, we will begin talking about the idea of us becoming a family and the kids coming to live in our home. i think i know what to say, but do i? we are taking them from all they have known for the past year of their lives and that’s pretty much all they remember. most things before that are probably just a big blur.

i am sure some of you are saying “don’t worry about it, they’ll be fine. look at all you’re doing for them. giving them the gift of a forever family, a nice home, a ride in a cool mini-van, a better chance at having a good life, and a really funny daddy.” i understand that thought pattern, and i agree. but also for me, they are the gift.

they are giving me a better chance at a good life. they are giving me a forever family. they will make our nice home even better. now i’ll have little ones to tote here and there in my cool van.

they are giving me the chance to become a mom.

and as their mom i don’t want them to be scared when they visit my house and spend the night the first time. i don’t want them to be confused about why their whole world has been changed. i don’t want them to be sad that they have been taken away from everything they know to be safe and secure.

i have seen many children go through this transition and they have all managed just fine. but that doesn’t take away the little heartache i feel over such little people going through such big changes. we’ll make it through, i know that. i believe it 100%. but, we still need some extra wisdom. please pray that God will give us the right words, the perfect amount of hugs and kisses, and enough love to make it through.


  • Stephanie

    I think your thoughts are normal…you would probably have similar thoughts if you were about to give birth. Everyone worries about the happiness of their children. Judging from the relationship you have established with them so far, they will know this is for the best, and their transition will be supported by lots of love. Who can ask for more than that?

    Well maybe some fuzzy socks would help…you’ve been nominated! Please go to for further instructions!

  • Elle

    You are becoming a mom and all mom’s think those same thoughts. I am happy to hear you say that your children are gifts. I totally agree. You are the lucky one. Your life will be forever blessed by the greatest gift God could ever give you.

    WooHoo! Stephanie socks!! Congrats.

  • Margaret

    The only experience I can offer is my time with Peanut, which isn’t quite the same. But all 13 kids that came last summer did really well, really quickly. Amazing so. Out of 13 kids, we only had 1 little girl who was scared to go with her new family. Peanut was fine, but a bit nervous on the first day. By day three, you would have thought we had been family forever. Kids are utterly amazing!

    Maybe you could arrange a get together with their current foster mom after the kids move to your house. Knowing that they’re going to see her soon may help.

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