"It's a ban"

it’s a what? yeah, we’re trying to figure it out too. ban is something our three and a half year old wilbur came up with. it’s been a part of his vocabulary for a few months now. here’s what we know so far. a ban can be anything. i can be a ban. what we eat for snack before bed can be a ban. putting on shoes can be a ban. he has a ban dance, though we’ve never actually seen it before. he also has a ban show, which we’ve also never seen. and now he has a ban follower. our two year old orville started saying ban today. yeah, he really did.

and ban isn’t the only interesting thing that has come out of wilbur’s mouth. remember “thank You for my business”? well, last week after a small amount of snow was deposited throughout the area, wilbur noticed it on amelia’s school. out came this.

wilbur: why her school all wet?

me: because it snowed.

wilbur: who bought it?

me: who bought the snow?

wilbur: yes.

me: you can’t buy snow, God makes it. He sends it down from the clouds.

wilbur: oh, Him need a ladder?

me: no, God doesn’t need a ladder. He just tells the snow to fall down and it does.

wilbur: oh.

and saturday night, as we were getting the kids ready for bed, wilbur climbed up on my lap. and out came this.

wilbur: i going to cover you face with you hair.

me: why?

wilbur: so i can’t see you.

me: why?

wilbur: so we can play hide-n-seek.

me: ah, okay.

and another funny thing happened last week. josh is semi-known for typo’s in lessons/Bible studies he prepares for church. last thursday during Bible study, we noticed several. but none compare to this. we are studying Hebrews. we were discussing chapter 5 verse 9, “and, once made perfect, He became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey Him.” here’s josh’s question. “as an eternal high priest, Christ achieved eternal atonement and salvation. why is this salvation available only to shoes who obey Him?”

i am stumped too!


  • jane-jane

    Out of the mouth of babes! Even your biggest kid! My favorite part of kids is how they see things in the world…. So new and innocent! At the ages of your boys, everything is new, every day.

    Every day is new to all of us, we as adults are just blinded to the beauty of how creative God is and how He has made us creative too!

  • Brit

    Kristen, just wanted to check in – it’s been a while since I’ve been over to your blog! He children are beautiful and you are so blessed to have everything final. If you have a chance soon, check out our blog. We’ve had some exciting things happen and would love to share them with you. May god continue to bless you and your family!

  • starfish

    So funny! I can’t wait to hear the funny things that will come out of seamonkey’s mouth! And the answer to Josh’s question of course is: “Because God’s a ban”. Sounds reasonable to me.

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