it’s hot outside

today is a hot day.  thick air.  mostly cloudy.  relatively large chance of storms.

for the first time all summer, we have a day of nothing.

our first few weeks of summer, every morning was taken over by summer school.  then we had basketball camp for a week. today, we have nothing.

always feeling like we have to have something to do, i spent some time last night thinking through our options.  we could go to the pool, but it’s going to storm.  we could go to a movie, but the summer movie clubhouse($1 per ticket) has a movie this week that’s probably okay for us to see.  we could go to the zoo, but it’s so hot, and it’s going to storm.

“we could do nothing, right?”, i asked josh, needing confirmation that it’s okay.  yes, we can do nothing.  and it’s okay.

so i am sitting on the porch.  and the kids are riding their bikes, and playing basketball, and playing circus.

and it’s hot outside.  and there are dishes in my sink.  and clothes in my dryer.  amelia’s hair isn’t done, and neither is my make~up.

no summer school.  no basketball camp.  no pool.  no movie theater.  no grocery store.  no library.


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