it’s kirsten, pronounced with an “ear”sten.

my name is kirsten.  k.i.r.s.t.e.n.

you pronounce my name like this:


not kristen.

not kristin.

not kirsten pronounced kUrsten.

not christine.

not kristine.

not even close!

it’s kirsten.  pronounced kEARsten.

it’s not that difficult.  especially if you’ve known me for a while and you’ve heard me say my own name.  or you’ve heard other people say my name.  if we’re in a group of people, and the majority say my name kirsten (pronounced kEARsten), i’d join that majority.

if i’ve just met you, and introduce myself to you as kirsten (pronounced kEARsten), please, don’t call me kristin.  please.  it’s insulting.  if my name was kristin, do you think i’d introduce myself by mispronouncing my name?  i wouldn’t.

if you’re unsure of how to correctly say my name, or anyone else’s for that matter, just ask.  it’s better to ask and know.  would you want someone continually saying your name wrong?  probably not.

my name is kirsten, pronounced with an “ear”sten.

*thanks to digital underground and their song the humpty dance for giving me the rhyme.  “my name is humpty, pronounced with a umpty.”  please note i do not endorse this group or this song, i’m just thankful for the rhyme.*


  • Kyla

    I just read this and it cracks me up!! I live with this too on a daily basis. I’m Kyla but people call me Kayla, Carla, Kylie, anything BUT Kyla. I even had someone once tell me the spelling of my name was interesting, whatever that means. I have a few coworkers (that I have worked with for over 3 years) that still can’t get it right. It’s so annoying, but after 30 years, I’ve given up and don’t even bother correcting.

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