it's official!


we are a forever family!(we have been in our hearts since the day we met, but now it is government declared!)

last monday we went to court and the judge granted our adoption petitions! what an amazing and emotionally overwhelming experience! it was such a beautiful time of sharing with our family and friends, and the court, what it means to us to be parents to our children. we still in so many ways can’t believe how God’s plan for our lives has played out. and even when i replay the timeline in my head, i am still in awe. oh, adoption. the joy! i wish everyone could experience it in some way, shape, or form.

is it easy? no. well, in some ways. each situation is different. would i recommend three children at once? no. well, maybe if you are crazy like us. or if God is clearly revealing that’s what He wants you to do. and like us, if what He wants is what you want.

is it hard? no. well, in some ways. each situation is different. but the hard times are easily replaced by the good. and by the love. the love that you feel that you can’t even describe. it is essentially like loving a stranger, but a stranger that you can’t imagine your life without. and how exciting that someday my kids will be all i’ve ever known, even though in the beginning i didn’t know them at all.

our best friends put it this way. and what a perfect, beautiful way it is. thanks j & h!

life together

just us, we learned, we worked, we loved.

God had given us so much

and our time as one taught us about how we should live.

we prayed and asked for more,

we wanted a family.

patience, grace, and misunderstanding became the new lessons.

but we waited and continued to pray.

our miracle was on its way.

for them life was different, but the same.

they waited, wondered, and watched as God put love into their lives.

it might not have been clear, but there was a plan.

two separate lives spiraling toward one another.

the three and the two would become one.

one family.

it is not hard to look back now and see,

but there was a time when questions saw no answers.

His timing and His grace brought more than our request.

the one we had wanted soon became a beautiful and perfect


as small, medium, and large, all made a wondrous fit.

now we move on into the rest of our time here on earth

and we thank God

for our new and flawless

life together.

after court we enjoyed time together with family and friends eating and celebrating at josh’s parents house. thanks so much mom & dad!

amelia on court day, enjoying peanuts at grammy and gramps’ house

amelia on court day, enjoying peanuts at our celebration at grammy & gramps’ house


wilbur in papa’s glasses at our celebration


orville at court with his gavel pencil


  • starfish

    Wahoo!!! Congrats to your entire beautiful family!

    I loved how you said “how exciting that someday my kids will be all i’ve ever known, even though in the beginning i didn’t know them at all.” I know exactly how you feel!! And loved the poem too.

    p.s. thanks for supporting me on my last post

  • Lee

    In tears with chills! An amazing story that is just so beautiful! Really enjoyed seeing pictures from your day in court. Congrats once again to the whole bunch of you! We love you guys!

  • jane-jane

    Wow! I somehow found your page. last night I sat for some time going back through your blogs… what an awesome testimony your family is. God’s plan and timing CAN’T be beat! I rejoice with you and your family. Your story will forever be in my heart and prayers.

    Side note… I grew up in Trumbull county!

    What an encouragement you and your husband are to me. My heart is very much like yours, unfortunately my husband’s heart is not there yet. Now if infertility is not hard enough, dealing with the fact that you and your husband are not like minded is even harder. There are so many times that Job (the Bible dude) and I are often on the same page… depression, begging God, wanting to persuade God to our will… But God’s timing in my learning has been very great these past few months. I don’t have any clue why or what the ending looks like, but I do know that God IS good and I will praise Him through it all!

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