last night

busy.  loud.  messy.  this was last night.  it was good.  everyone got along well.  but it was busy, loud, and messy.


hulk and the dinosaur had many battles.


learning to play on the leappads kept everyone busy for a bit of time.


we had pizza for dinner and this man melted my heart as he lead the 5 year old and the 3 year old into the kitchen so they could choose the kind of pizza they’d like.


showing this strong boy how to be a strong daddy.


and showing this little princess how to be loved.

there is something so amazing about watching a man love and care for a child that has no connection to him.  this is part of the reason God made my husband, i’m convinced, to love the least of these who have no one else to love them.

when it was time to head to bed, the sweet little princess grew really quiet.  we could tell she was afraid.  even though we knew she was going to be okay, she didn’t know that. different house, different people, different room, different bed.  she was afraid.  she fell asleep quickly, praise the Lord.

before the busyness of last night, josh and i were able to grab lunch together.  we used to do this quite frequently.  i’d head downtown to his office to pick him up and we’d have a quick meal together before he finished his afternoon at his desk and i finished my afternoon with the children.  starting to home school the boys in january(i still need to write about that) put a damper on our lunch dates.  bringing in more kiddos will make that almost impossible.  but grammy had a special date with the boys yesterday so i drove downtown to get my man.  we landed at jimmy john’s.  a #5, the vito for him, and a blt for me. my first blt there and it was really good!




i love that he still makes me laugh!

today was good and loud and busy and long.  i think i’ll write about it tomorrow.

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  • JoDee

    What?! Since January–cannot believe we haven’t talked about this! The homeschool part. I am so excited for you guys and these sweet little ones it’s crazy!! I would LOVE to catch up with you sometime very soon–our opportunities are running out as we will be moving most likely by summer. Perhaps you might bring the boys over one afternoon, and if you have the little ones of course they should come too! :). 🙂

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