life through the eyes of a seven year old

amelia got a camera for her birthday. without a doubt her favorite gift. she takes pictures constantly. and she’ll take 5, or maybe even 10, of the same thing. like 10 shots of the living room ceiling light. here’s a little sampling of her first night and day with the camera. my personal favorite is at the end. enjoy.

our kids bookcase

another shot of our kids bookcase

another shot of our kids bookcase




my feet

with daddy at the birthday party

uncle ryan, girlfriend heather, and wilbur

cousin winston

uncle peter, winston’s dad



me again



the bottom part of my nightstand

wilbur and brinks, my gift from uncle nate.

yeah, this one if for real. almost seems too cheesy to be true.

but it is.


  • bri

    she seems to be having so much fun. She is pretty good at the group shots and person shots… the getting yourself takes lots of practice. Who knows you may have a future professional photographer in your home! How fun. They are precious!

  • jane

    cameras are GREAT gifts for kids. thankfully with digital days, parents aren’t stuck limiting the number of photos so the kids can have fun and develop a cool skill! practice, practice, practice!

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