orville has been known to make lines with his toys. and, well, anything else that he can put in a line.

you might remember this line from the beach back in june.

then there’s this one from father’s day lunch at pizza hut.

i know we have taken many more photos of his lines, but i can’t seem to find them right now. should have tagged them with ‘line’ when we downloaded them into iphoto, but i didn’t know then that they’d be as important to me as they are now.

when i picked orville up from school yesterday, his teacher told me he made an apple.

me-great! i’ll look at it when we get home.

teacher-no, no, i want you to look at it now. you have to tell me if this is how he is at home, if this is how he does things.

me-(with a huge smile on my face) oh my goodness! yes, this is him! he makes lines with everything!

can you believe it?!?! crazy!

then he made this hat at church last night. no lines anywhere in sight!


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