meet the kids


okay, it’s finally time. here are our children. these are not their real names, but for the sake of attempting to keep their lives somewhat private, these will be their blog names. and not sure how the whole “flight” name theme came about. you’ll have to defer to josh for that.



amelia, our beautiful 5 year old daughter, is a fun-loving little girl. she loves being in preschool, adores her teacher, and has made so many friends. her little world has grown quite big in the past 9 months and she’s taking it all in great strides. diagnosed with epilepsy in november of 2006, she was thrown another hardball in the short life she’s lived already. but she’s managing very well, and we’re trying. she’s hardly ever seen in anything that doesn’t have pink as the main color and wants to be a mommy and a teacher when she grows up.



wilbur, our 3 year old son, is quite the entertainer. he loves to make people laugh and has a great sense of humor. he’s growing like a weed, with his 4T pants getting almost too short. he’s going to be a tall kid! his favorite new game is “throw the (indoor, soft) basketball as hard as i can at daddy’s tummy.” this kid loves TV. we swear he’d watch all day if we let him. especially if it’s lazytown, finding nemo, cars, or well, pretty much anything kid related. he also likes to congratulate us when he notices us stopping at stop signs. maybe he’ll be a driving instructor when he’s older.


and orville, our little guy, isn’t so little anymore. he turned 2 this past Sunday and has changed so much since we met him. he has quite an aversion to the english language. though he has words, he doesn’t use them often. he has mastered saying ‘uh’ for everything, and we have mastered understanding just what he means everytime ‘uh’ comes out of his mouth. he loves sleeping and eating and being the solid (wait till we post a bathing suit pic) guy that he is, we’re hoping he plays football someday.


this is the day we met, april 8, 2006.


this is Christmas 2006.


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