that’s where most of my thoughts are lost these days. actually, it’s been that way most of my adult life, but motherhood has only made it worse. oh yeah, josh blogged about our adoption stuff again. it’s not too often he does so, so you should stop by and check it out. he decided to change the kids names from c1, c2, and r. now they are amelia, wilbur, and orville, respectively. i think i like that better, so i am going to change them on here too. hope you can follow.

getting back to mid-stream, the kids and i went to a friend’s house yesterday to visit and play and have lunch. we had a great time and all the kids got along really well. before leaving, we had to make a potty stop. as you read in josh’s blog, wilbur is fully potty trained(not poopy trained though), but he won’t tell you when he has to go potty. and instead of him having to go in the van, i have him try before we get into the van. so, wilbur, orville and i head to the bathroom. wilbur performs on command and orville, watching with delight, reaches out and grabs the potty stream, mid-stream. um, yeah. it was gross to see him standing there with urine dripping from his hand, but the way it got on his hand was really funny.

and speaking of poopy training. total frustration! i really thought it would be the end of me, until i found this. now, i can’t say i am looking forward to the month or so it might take to make it all work out, but it will be much better for wilbur if we at least try it this way. please keep us, and him, in your prayers.

never mentioned this here before, mostly because i wasn’t comfortable doing so. there was an appeal filed on the permanent custody finding in our children’s case. the decision just came in this week and the PC finding was affirmed by the court. had it not been, our children’s biological parents would have been given some more time to try to get the kids back. we knew this wouldn’t happen, but we just had to wait for the decision to be made. so now we can move on with the adoption. the kids will likely go on adoptive status within the next month and then we’ll be able to get a court date to have the adoption legalized. we’re hoping by the end of the year, but if the courts are already booked, we might be looking at early next year. we are fine with that though because we knew the moment we were matched with our kids, way back in january, they’d be ours forever.

Bible study this week was great. it was really nice to be surrounded by other mom’s my age, with kids the ages of my kids. we are studying the book of Luke through an elizabeth george study, living with passion and purpose. we started and finished chapter 1 while we were there and then i was able to complete chapter 2 wednesday night. Luke is a book i know fairly well, but there’s a lot of stuff i have never picked up on before, but i am learning now. and i am grateful.

really, you should go read josh’s blog.


  • Margaret

    That must have been scary to have parental rights challenged. A friend of mine fosters. Right now she has an infant that she has also known is likely to be reunited with his mother. His mother has stuck in there this whole past year and has done the bare minimum of what the courts required of her. It’s heartbreaking for my friend as she nursed that baby back from a crack addiction and saw him thrive, but it’s expected.

    She also has a set of four siblings, though. It’s always been expected that their parent’s rights would be terminated. These four have blossomed in her care. The youngest was so far gone in RAD he wouldn’t even look at anyone. Now you can get him to smile and laugh with you — he’s still delayed but he’s come so far. The other three have become confident and not scared of their own shadows anymore. And the oldest is working through his anger issues. Anyway, she was sure TPR was coming this week and she could begin adoption proceedings soon. Instead, they’re talking about reunifying the kids with their parents.

    Sorry for the long story. But it amazes me how much heartbreak can be associated with this process. It’s uplifting to hear that your story is turning out the way it should.

  • Stephanie

    Wow, I didn’t know the adoption was fully “legal” yet. I guess there are frustrating parts to every adoption process. As you said though, those kids are and have been yours from the beginning. Glad things are going well…sorry about the potty issues – I have no advice to share but just hope to learn a thing or two for my turn.

  • Brit

    Kristen, Just wanted to thank you for the support from afar. I finally got a chance to sit down and read through your blog all the way through. What an amazing journey! Just getting started on a blog, I’m looking forward to having a back log of days, much like you have from your marriage before children. Your children, by the way, are beautiful! I can’t wait to read more and get to know you all better through your posts! Hang in there with the potty training – it sounds like you’re making progress! I’m reading for future pointers!

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