my eyes hurt

i kept wanting to write yesterday, but felt if i did, and said things were going well, something bad would happen.  josh usually takes the kids to church wednesday nights, i kept amelia home with me last night.  around 7:30pm, i was thinking we were out of the woods.  but then josh called at 7:45pm.

josh-we are on our way home from church already(it ends at 8:15).

me-why?  oh know.  what happened?

josh-wilbur’s teacher came to get me, he was a total basket case, crying, saying his eyes hurt.

me-oh great.  he has pinkeye too?  now he has to be home another day.  wonderful!

josh-we’ll be home soon.

they arrived home shortly after the phone call ended.  wilbur came bouncing in the house.  i wanted to check his eyes.

me-wilbur, are your eyes okay?


me-were you crying at church because they hurt?


me-do they still hurt?  where do they hurt?

wilbur-this one(his left eye) hurt right here, on the outside.

me-did the other eye hurt too?

wilbur-no, just this one.

me-it doesn’t hurt anymore?

wilbur-no.  there was something stuck in it.  like a crumb. it came out.

me-when did it come out?

wilbur-in the van, on the way home.

me-so you are fine?  your eyes are fine?


me-next time there is something stuck in your eye, don’t just start crying saying your eyes hurt. raise your hand and tell your teacher, using your words, not tears, that there is something stuck in your eye.  your teacher can help you get it out.

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