"my God is so big…

so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do, for you!” i overheard wilbur proudly proclaiming yesterday as i was washing dishes. “i know that song”, i thought, “i bet i haven’t heard it in about 30 years.” turns out little 3 year old wilbur sings this song with his Sunday school teacher mrs. z. and guess what, mrs. z was my Sunday school teacher when i was 3! oh what joy!

amelia, a bit bothered by wilbur and i sharing in the joint knowledge of this song quickly proclaimed that her birth mother taught her this song when she was 1. i told her i wasn’t sure if this was true and that if it wasn’t, it was okay that she didn’t know the song and that wilbur and i did. i told her we could teach it to her and then we would all know it together.

after she and josh came home from church last night she told me she made up a new song about Jesus. “my Jesus is big, He’s strong and He’s mighty, there’s nothing my Jesus won’t do, for you.” “see”, she said, “it’s like the song you and wilbur sing, only it says Jesus instead of God.”

how am i so deserving of these little ones?!? and that they already have such an awareness of our Savior. thank you Lord!

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