fridge! we’re getting a new fridge! today!!! here she is, expected to arrive sometime this afternoon.

they only have an inside pic for some reason. oh well.

i haven’t posted in awhile. i guess i should write about more than a new appliance.

we had a great 4th. here’s some pics.

little man didn’t like all the sirens at the parade.

and was very tired after having a sleep over at grammy and gramps’ house the night before the big parade.

he was awake for fireworks though.

wilbur loves to cheese it up for the camera.

we had a fun night. amelia really appreciated the fireworks this year, enjoying looking at all the colors they could make, and the color combinations. she got quite annoyed when i wasn’t paying attention.

more soon…

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  • jane

    wow…look how tall all three of them are getting!

    love your new fridge! Did the old one dye, or are you able to keep it in the garage for the extras that come with three children?

    also, looks like the paperwork should be completed within 2 weeks….keep me in your prayers…I’m getting REALLY excited!

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