oh wilbur! how sweet!

ever since Easter Sunday, wilbur has been somewhat obsessed with finding crosses. amelia’s preschool is at a church, where naturally, there is a cross in the front lawn. everytime we leave school, wilbur says, “there a cross!” and then right around the corner is another church, with another cross. and out comes, “there a other cross!”

yesterday, after pointing out the cross at amelia’s school, wilbur and i had this conversation.

wilbur: what a cross?

me: you mean what is the cross for?

wilbur: oh, it for Jesus.

me: why is the cross for Jesus?

wilbur: Him die.

me: do you know why Jesus died on the cross?

wilbur: ahhh?

me: for our sins.

wilbur: oh yeah.

me: do you know what a sin is?

wilbur: ahhh? oh, like nemo have them.

me: awe, that’s sweet. but, i think you are talking about a fin. nemo has fins.


  • jane-jane

    I wanted to stop by on this VERY special day to let you know that I am celebrating for you today.
    I was not reading your blog a year ago, however I have read back and do know that today is your anniversary for have your babies in your home.

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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