one down, two to go

we had our first home study visit tonight.  our first of three.  and it was good.

we were finishing dinner when she, the adoption assessor, arrived.  i invited her to join us at the table.  she did.  we were mostly finished so in just a few minutes, the kids were asking to be dismissed and we adults settled in for a long question and answer session.

lots of questions.

how did you meet?

what’s your relationship like?

what are your strengths as a couple?

what are some of your common interests?

how do you handle conflict?

what roles do you each play in your relationship?

what are some difficulties you’ve faced in your relationship?

how do you think adding more children to your family will change your relationship?

describe your children~their personalities.

how do you talk about adoption with them?

what are some difficulties your children have faced?

are any of them diagnosed with anything?

how have you helped them understand their adoption?

how do you feel about open adoption?

how do you feel about maintaining contact with a birth family?

how do you feel about the possibility of reunification?

how would you help facilitate reunification?

and many, many more.

a few tears, a few laughs, a few smiles at my partner in all of this.

several times of recognizing God’s sovereignty over it all.

i’m broken and grateful.

i’m humbled and honored.

i’m excited.

so much of me wants to know who they are and where they are.  so much of me wants to tell them that even though life has been crazy, it will all one day be okay.

in two weeks, the adoption assessor will be back.  there will be many more questions, for us and the kiddos too.  and then we’re one step closer.


prayer requests~

~that we’d be able to quickly and easily finish up the projects that need completed to have our home ready for more littles
~that our hearts and minds would be being prepared for the little ones





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