open hands

i want to live with open hands.

freely open hands.

hands open, palms up, waiting to be filled by God, unfilled by me.

sara has a song about this, open my hands.  this line is in the song.

“i am nodding my head an emphatic yes to all that You have for me”.

this has been a theme for me with this second adoption.  i want to walk through it with open hands.  open to all God has for me.  open to all He has for my family.

part of that is being willing to consider more than one child.  part of that is being open to any age under our youngest now.  that means we could bring in a 7 year old.  or an infant.  or anything in between.  or any two in between i should say.  part of that is being willing to make changes in the set-up of our home.

our smallest bedroom is currently our office.  our plan has been to get it ready for one child.  amelia would move into that room should we bring home two children.  she’d stay put in her current room if we bring home one child.  we found out last night that if we’re willing to take two children, the bedroom for the two children needs to be completely ready for our home study.  that means amelia moves no matter what.

it’s not a big deal.  it’s really not.  it’s just a change of plans.  a change of my plans.

amelia and i chatted about it this afternoon.  i told her we have two options:

1.  she can stay in her room and we prepare the office and tell the agency we can take one child.

2.  we can prepare the office for her and continue to be open to two children.

she said, excitedly, “so i’m moving?  boys, i’m moving!”

her hands are open.  completely open.

i walked out of her room and started to sing.

“i am nodding my head an emphatic yes to all that You have for me”

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  • Patti Lindstrom

    Open hearts, open Mom and Dad, open siblings, all waiting on God. I can’t wait to see what he does. His ways are perfect.

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