our first night

it’s hard to come up with titles for these things.  that’s my first thought.

i’m sitting in my dining room eating reese’s peanut butter chips.  josh is getting some work done since he left early so we could pick up the kids together.

my house currently looks like this.


kind of hard to see i guess, but my counters are covered and my sink and dishwasher are full.


this is only a partial view of the living room.  the couch and my desk are a mess too.


and this is a view from the hallway into our room. one large cardboard box on the other side of the gate.  one huggies box behind that and one right next to my bed.  the hamper is overflowing, there’s a full laundry basket in front of that and another one on my bed.  and yes, it’s hard to see but there’s a toddler outfit thrown on the floor because i had a 16 month old on my hip and the dirty clothes in my hand so of course, i just threw them.

there are five children asleep upstairs.  i’m sorry, i need to repeat that for myself.  there are five children sleeping upstairs. five.

josh and i tightly grasped our hands together the whole ride to the foster home.  our boys chattered it up in the back seat of the van.  they were making each other laugh which made me smile.  when we pulled up to the foster home we were greeted by the two boys at the front door smiling and waving.  we went in and they were all ready to go.  foster mom had already told me goodbyes are hard for her so she gave each kiddo a hug and a kiss and reminded them she’d always be there for them and they’d visit with her soon.  she hugged me as she passed the youngest to me and we were both weeping.  she had to let them go.  even though she knows where they will be and knows who they will be with, it’s still hard.  she’s loved and cared for them for a few months. she’s brought them into good health.  she’s gotten them to eat well and sleep well.  she’s provided love and security.  she’s done an amazing job and we are so incredibly grateful.

once we were home, everyone wanted to play outside.  thank the Lord for nice weather!  i carried the one year old out front and saw our new neighbor in her yard so i went to say hello.  can you imagine meeting your neighbor for the first time and she says, “hi.  i’m kirsten smith.  we are foster parents and we just arrived home with three new little ones.”  i think i’d be thinking, “plus the other three i see playing outside?  wait, that’s 6.  you are adding three to your three?  are you crazy?”

josh stayed outside to supervise while the one year old and i came in to prepare dinner.  my Bible study ladies are amazing and they provided a few meals to us today so i wouldn’t have to worry about cooking dinner for a few nights.  tonight’s dinner was chicken enchiladas and they were fantastic!  as i was getting the table set and drinks poured i said to josh, “are you okay with me?  are you okay that i don’t have this all figured out yet?  because i really want to have it all figured out so quickly and i don’t want you to be bothered that it’s not.”  he said, “what i’m not okay with is you thinking i’d not be okay with you.  this is going to take time and you’re fine.”

everyone ate fairly well and then spent lots of time playing.  they all got along really well, just like when they came over to visit before.


leappads were a big hit again!


this child is forever climbing onto the ottoman to climb onto the couch.  i know they do that at this age.  i know it’s going to stop eventually.  i just don’t like it when he stands up and tries to jump around.  i really don’t need  him to fall off and hurt himself.

all three littles are stuffy and we have no meds for children under 6 so josh and the three year old and our 10 year old ran to target.  she wanted to go with them which was just adorable. when they arrived back home she came in singing telling me they were singing loud in the car!  to raffi!  i love my husband.

everyone had a snack and got ready for bed.  our eldest three get ready for bed in about 10-15 minutes.  this deal, with three more five and under adds a bit more time to the normal routine.  i know shortly we’ll have it perfected, but we are looking at a bit of time before that happens.

all the kiddos went to bed well.  the five year old was pretty talkative and active with his stuffed dolphin and fish, but i think that’s his way of dealing with the newness of being here.  sweet boy, he’s doing so well.

i’m tired.  not tired enough go to bed instead of writing about our afternoon/evening though.  i need to straighten things up a little at least.  we have two social workers coming tomorrow morning.  two.  i think we are going to watch an episode of lost in a few minutes.  i know it’s late but my brain needs to just blah for a little while before i sleep.  i also know that lost was a show that aired about 10 years ago.  we are obviously late to that party.  we are almost finished with season three and we are hooked.  don’t tell me anything!  i seriously don’t want to know!

thank you for all of your love and support and prayers.  we have been so encouraged.

p.s. sorry for the lack of pictures.  most the ones i took tonight include their faces.

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