our last night

it’s come to an end.  we’ve squeezed in as much time as we could last night and today.  our sweet girl is away with school all week so she’s missed out on some of the family fun.  i’m quite sure she’s having a good amount of fun on her own though.

last night we looked at a 12 passenger van.  turns out we will actually need one.  we’ve been wondering what would be best for our family-a chevy, a ford, or a nissan.  the chevy and ford are very similar and i did quite a bit of driving a big ford van in my jr. high leader days at church, so we decided to take a look at the nissan.  the thing seemed gigantic!  luckily while we were out driving it around, we found a ford so we could compare.  turns out the nissan isn’t really that much bigger.


josh and i both took turns driving.


i honestly felt like a bus driver.  and josh didn’t like that i was trying to look at the camera while i was driving.


we really liked the van, even the boys, though they felt intimidated by its size.


and who doesn’t need a frosty and some fries after a giant van test drive?  it was almost past bedtime, but we realized we wouldn’t have times like this again for quite some time.


today the boys and i went to lunch with josh.



and then we went back to his office to see his new work space.


the boys loved the big floor to ceiling windows.




tonight we decided to go see the newest muppet movie.



the boys are fast asleep.  josh and i are finishing up some random things around the house.  we decided last minute to rearrange some furniture in the dining room, kitchen, and the bedroom for the 1 and 3 year old.  made for a bit of a mess, but it’s all back together now.  we are tired.  i’m a bit sad.  tomorrow everything changes.


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