Our Marriage

Tonight we have been asked to speak at The Chapel pre-marital class dinner. They have a wonderful program that over the span of a few weeks, gives lots of information that, if you pay attention in class, can help make the transition from singleness to marriage a little easier. It all culminates with a class dinner where two or three “newly” married couples come share about their marriages.

This will be our third time, which means we must have a least a little wisdom to share. Only being married three years, almost, I am surprised at that little bit of wisdom. Surprised that it’s there. Surprised at how little.And sometimes even surprised at how much.

Before getting married I thought I was wise about marriage.
Then, I got married.

I quickly learned that wisdom in marriage doesn’t come from knowledge about marriage, but from actually being married. It’s learning about your spouse. Remembering what you have learned. Applying what you have learned.

It’s turning the other cheek, loving, forgiving, sharing, caring, helping, building, nurturing.

It’s amazing.

Thanks to Josh for being on my team, slowly helping to build the wisdom.

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