prayer time

every night we pray together as a family before we put the kids to bed. we each take a turn, starting usually with amelia. here’s her prayer from tonight.

“Jesus, thank you for this day. thank you that we got to go to the zoo yesterday(we really went thursday). thank you for mommy, daddy, wilbur, orville, and shelby. thank you for our fun house. thank you for our fun family.” she thinks we’re fun! how great is that!!

and here’s wilbur’s. where is this kid coming from?

“Jesus, thank you for my curtains. and my bed. and orville’s bed. and amen. vroom.”

to which i replied, “you need to just say amen. you don’t need to add the vroom at the end.”

good night.


  • Lee

    Love it! You are a fun family! I would have to agree! And I am sure the curtains are lovely in their room :o)

  • jane-jane

    Awesome! I think he was thinking what his sissy had prayed and just wanted to add the rest of his thoughts that he was thinking that were fun and good around the house. Kinda like when we are in group prayer times and we say “yes or amen”…being like minded with the person who is praying at that time.
    I think it is WONDERFUL! 1st, they are so happy with their new home, mommy and daddy, 2nd that they have such expression of their feelings. typically children that come from tough back rounds tend to be reclusive about their thoughts and feelings.

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