preparing for baby

a baby.

due 20 days from today.

a baby.

a brand new baby.

in my house.

in my arms.

this is the craziest thing.

i’ve visited newborn babies in the hospital.

once i left the hospital with one when i was a social worker.  i took her to her foster mom.

now i’m the foster mom getting the baby.

i was supposed to have a baby.  it should have happened about 10-11 years ago.  at least that’s what we thought.  that’s when we started “trying”.

i was supposed to be finished bearing my children by the time i was 30.  at least that’s what i thought.  i wasn’t supposed to be starting with a newborn at the age of 38.

i have no idea what i’m doing.  i’ve never had a baby before.  my youngest baby was 15 months old when he came to me.  but 15 months old is very different from a newborn.

i know babies need to sleep and eat and have their diapers changed.  but, i don’t know how to have a newborn and 6 other children at the same time.

7 children.


i have no idea how i am going to do this.

i don’t know what i need.  what we need.

the baby will be in our room until we can move into a larger home.  we don’t think we want a full size crib in there too.  should we do a mini-crib?  a bassinet?

i found a great double stroller, since i’ll basically have two babies-a newborn and an under 24 month old until december.  it’s the kind you can attach a car seat/carrier thing to.  do i need that?  i think it’ll make life a lot easier.  i showed my friend shelly one night last week.  we pushed it around, checked it out, took some selfies.  we couldn’t figure out how to close it.  she made me take a picture while saying “i’m going to have 7 children”.








josh and i looked at the stroller this weekend.  he figured out how to close it in 20 seconds.



then we need that car seat/carrier thing.  right?

and bottles.  i have no idea where to even begin.  there are so many options.

i just really honestly can’t believe this is happening.  i can’t believe it’s happening to me.

when God showed me proverbs 19:21 years ago, it meant so much.  i don’t think it’s ever meant more to me than it does in these days.

“many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

a baby.

in my house.

in my arms.

taking another piece of my heart.

Your purpose Lord.  Your purpose.


  • Jennifer Cihlar

    I have a basinet you may borrow since babies can only sleep in them for a few months. It has mattress and bedding.

  • Carrie

    Congratulations on pending baby arrival! We just went through the same things in October- we are a foster family with Delaware County, Ohio that had already adopted our sibling group of three, when their birth mom had a surprise baby (she had had a tubal ligation so this wasn’t supposed to be a possibility). We got the call on October 11 that there was a surprise baby and brought her home from the NICU on October 15th. A few things I learned in those frantic 4 days of preparation that may or may not be helpful to you:

    1) Car seats expire! I did not know this. The used car seat we bought was useless.

    2) There are new rules for releasing preemies from the NICU as of just two years ago (babies still in the 4 pound range can now be released, whereas they used to have to be 5 pounds), and so there’s been a big change in preemie car seats (or car seats for underweight babies in general, which is often a strong possibility with babies put into foster care.) Depending on what you know about the the health of this forthcoming baby, you MIGHT want to wait to make the purchase until you know the baby’s size. The car seat we acquired for a five-pound baby was useless (ours was 4.5 pounds when she came home, and we had to have a special car seat for a 4-pounder).

    3) With an 18-month-old you’ve probably been through this process before, but I had never had a foster care placement under age 5 before and didn’t know that our baby was eligible for WIC, which took care of expensive preemie formula purchases. The hospital also sent home lots of stuff to get us started – binkies, formula, blankets, etc.

    4) Check with your agency but there’s been a lot of change recently in rules regarding cribs and bassinets. Some foster care agencies will not permit you to use a bassinet or a mini-crib. Some will require crib bumpers and others will forbid it. I had no idea how many rules there were until there was someone standing in my bedroom doing an inspection on things that I didn’t know were supposed to be inspected for the baby.

    5) Back to the car seats – the hospital may require a car seat test (baby has to be able to sit in the car seat and breathe ok), again depending on health, in order to release. We did not know this either and didn’t turn in equipment for the testing when we were supposed to. They also had us take a class before release.

    Best wishes. We will be praying for you.


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