preschool starts again

and this time my baby started with it. yes, orville went to school today. he cried, and thankfully, i did not. the boys are both at the same school, but in different classes. wilbur and i dropped orville off first. he asked if wilbur would be staying with him and i reminded him, because we’ve been talking about it a ton, that wilbur would go to his own class. he just fell apart and said, “i going to be all alone.” how does a three and a half year old know how to communicate that?? anyway, i took wilbur to his class and after a minute or so, he politely told me it was time for me to go. what a happy/sad moment-when they don’t ‘need’ you anymore. on my way out of the building, i couldn’t hear orville crying anymore. all is well. here’s some pics from our big day!


  • Lee

    Sweet, sweet Orville! I hope that he enjoyed his first day and that he was able to get settled in a bit. It will get easier for him! And Wilbur…so independent now! They are growing and changing so fast! Love all the pictures you guys took!

  • jane

    so what did you do with your time while they were at pre-school?!? when i started full day school in 1st grade (kindergarten was 1/2 when i attended way back when)my dad had a REAL hard time (he worked afternoons) I always think of my dad when I hear SAH moms talk about sending their babies to school.

    it’s been fun catching up with your blog. love the line apple!

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