no one ever keeps them. well, i am sure somewhere in this world someone keeps them.

no one i know. never me, that’s for sure.

last night, after ringing in the new year with some great friends and great food, a very tired josh and i, crawled into bed.

i asked if he was making any new years resolutions. he quickly replied no.

i asked if he was wishing i would go to sleep instead of talking to him. he did not reply, which means yes. stop talking. leave me alone. i’ll talk to you sometime tomorrow.

but i had some resolutions running through my head and i wanted to share them.

so i did.

i want to spend some time every day doing some form of exercise. it’s good for me, and i need it.
i want to take better care of myself.
i want to spend more time in the Bible.
i want to spend more focused time talking with God.
i want to. . .
i want to. . .

notice it’s never ‘i will’, only ‘i want’?

notice too that those are all things i have control over? i can do all of those things on my own, on my terms.

but there’s one i can’t control. one that will remain an ‘i want’ until it actually happens. then i’ll have to say ‘i will’ be good at it. and ‘i will’ seek the Lord to help me be good at it. and ‘i will’ be so grateful to Him for making it happen.

in 2006, i want to become a mom.

happy new year everyone.

let’s make it a good one.

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