salvation at an early age

i asked Jesus to be my Savior when i was 5.  when i hear people share of their redemption at an older age, i feel a bit of jealousy.  my story doesn’t seem as special or important, having known Jesus since i was so young.

i often wonder what that would feel like, having not a clue about Him, and learning about Him one day.  it would be amazing.  this man, who came so many years ago, not knowing Him for so long and then finally, salvation! i often wonder what it would be like to have been down a really rocky path of my own choosing, to come to the end and find a loving Savior waiting there for me.  these stories are exciting to me.  so foreign from my own.

and when someone who has one of those amazing stories hears my story, it is amazing to them.  they can’t imagine what it would be like to have known this loving Savior for so long.  they wonder what it would be like to have been spared from some of the pain and heartache and despair they experienced in their journey.  they wonder if they would have turned out differently, if their lives would look different.

my children have all accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, at an early age, in our home. for a moment today part of the reality of that became overwhelming to me.  they will never have to know life without Him.  their eternity is secured, already.  and i know where they are going when they leave this earth.  and i know whenever that happens, i will see them again.

and sure they may wonder, once they’re older, what it would be like to have come to know Him at an older age.  but they also, like me, will come to see the beauty in knowing Him for so long.  and they will understand, like me, the sweet, sweet salvation story of the Lord capturing their hearts at such a tender age.  and as their mom, i am so grateful to my God for getting a hold of them when He did.

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  • erin

    that has to be the most precious gift a mother could EVER receive, the knowledge of salvation for her children…and you have that knowledge for all 3! praise Him!!

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