sara and sarah

groves and well, i am going to keep this name to myself for privacy reasons.

sara is my favorite Christian music artist.

sarah is our social worker.

sara had a concert with jars of clay and donald miller on sunday the 16th.

sarah came over for our first homecall on tuesday the 18th.

sara is from minneapolis, minnesota.

sarah is from an adoption agency.

sara helps me grow in my faith.

sarah is helping to grow my family.

both are Christians.

sara sings to me about her faith.

sarah and i were able to talk about our faith.

sara has helped me with words like,
this is the ONE thing i know You said You won’t let me go.

i keep wanting You to be fair, but that not what You said.
i want certain answers to these prayers, but that’s not what You said.
when i get to Heaven, i want to go find Job, i want to ask a few hard questions,
i want to know what he knows about what it is he wanted
and what he got instead
and how to be broken and faithful.
what i thought i wanted and what i got instead leaves me broken and grateful.

it’s going to be alright, i believe you’ll outlive this pain in you heart,
and you’ll gain such a strength from what is tearing you apart.
when some time has passed us, and the story if retold,
it will mirror the strength and the courage in your soul.

we come with purposes written on our hearts, written on our souls.
and i want to add to the beauty to tell a better story.
i want to shine with the light that’s burning up inside.

when sorrow fills your life, when in your grief and pain,
you choose again to rise, you choose to bless the Name.

sit with me and tell me once again, of the story that’s been told us,
of the power that will hold us. of the beauty, of the beauty
why it matters.

on the 16th, i was able to talk with sara about how the above lyrics have impacted my life,especially over the past two years. she seemed truly grateful to know the gifts the Lord has given her are really enabling her to do His work. through her lyrics, i know it is really the Lord speaking to me.

sarah has helped me with words like,
we are going to do our best to match you with the children you are supposed
to have. it’s so exciting to see you open to adoption and God’s plan for your life.

sara and sarah.

same name, different spelling.

different jobs, same purpose. to bring glory to the Lord.

both involved in my life, one directly, one indirectly.

both an answer to prayer, prayers i never knew i would pray.

but God did, and He knew the answers.


  • Becks & Lee

    Very interesting thoughts! What a great way to look at the people God has placed in your life for such a time as this! It is awesome to hear of how God is working through this situation in your life! We are excited to hear about every little step you guys take in this journey!

  • Josh

    It is neat to see how God uses different people in different situations to bring Himself glory. Heck, even people who don’t want to bring Him glory do it. For you and for me – I’m very thankful for the Sara(h)’s in our life.

    It is funny though how you talk about Sarah, and I assume Groves – especially when you say that she’ll be coming over. I’m thinking – “no Kirsten, she lives in Minnesota.”

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