saying good-bye to my mini-van

we’d been praying for a new van for months.  even before we knew we were bringing in three, possibly four more children, we were praying for a new van.  a new, big van.

every morning i’d say to the Lord, “we need a new van.  i know You know that.  i trust that You already know what van we’ll get, where it is, when it will come to us.  we are trusting You to provide because we believe that You will.”

He did bring us a new van last week so our last day with my van was last thursday.  i knew i’d be sad to let it go.  i tried not to think about it.  i have a hard time with permanent good-byes.  like when i moved out of my first apartment, even though it was to move into a duplex with my husband, i was so sad that i’d never get to live in that apartment again.  and when we left our duplex to move into our house, i was so sad that we’d never live there again.  or the in the final nights before our first three came home, i was so sad that josh and i would end our party of two to become a party of five.  and when we spent our last night as a party of five, oh i was a wreck.  if i thought about it too much, i’d just sob.

our time with my van was ending and i was so sad to say good-bye.


we bought it in 2006, so our kiddos could come home. she was so pretty.  no rust!


in the first seats they rode in the first time they were in the van.  i can’t find that actual picture, which is kind of bothering me.


last time getting gas.  we only needed a bit to keep us moving around town.  was strange to not fill up.


last time driving her.  josh was leading the way in his car and took this picture for me.  i turned on the radio and aaron shust’s my Savior my God came on.  it was one of my favorite songs when our kiddos first came home.  “i am not skilled to understand what God has willed, what God has planned”


i was really sad.  i had to compose myself before i got in the van.  i wasn’t crying out loud but i was sniffling.  i made this guy start crying too.


and this guy thought it was silly.


and so did this girl.


just the two of us, just like 8 years ago.




the reason we bought our mini-van.



he’s still really sad.



the party of five.


this is it.  the last time i’ll see her.


her plates are on the new van.


i won’t miss her rust.


especially this part, where there’s a literal hole. and where rain water gets in and sloshes around.  and everyone asks, “what’s that sound?  it sounds like there’s water in here.”


good-bye aqua mpv.  thank you for carting us around for the past 8 years.

i’m sad i’ll never get to drive you again.


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