she wanted a sister

josh and i have always said we didn’t want our story to end with our infertility and adoption.  we wanted the story to continue after our kiddos came home.

we also have continued to tell the Lord we know our lives aren’t ours, but that they belong to Him.  we want Him to use them how He sees fit.  we want Him to break our hearts for what breaks His heart.

we have a daughter who has always wanted a sister.  always.  she’s casually mentioned it for years now.  i’ve always told her to pray about it,  to ask the Lord to make mommy’s body be able to have a baby or to call us to adopt again.  a few months ago i wondered if He was using her desire for a sister to prompt us to pursue another adoption. i asked Him,  “Lord, would You give her this desire to prompt us to this?  to pull our hearts this way?  would You use the heart of our little girl to lead us?”  after much prayer and conversation with josh and as a family, it turns out we are again being called to adopt.

our hearts continue to be broken for orphans.  we cannot look at our three children without recognizing there are more children out there just like them.  children that need a home. children that need a family.   we have a home.  we are a family.  that’s what’s needed, and we have it.

we are in the very beginning stages of the process having recently made contact with children’s services.  an information packet arrived in the mail today!  at some point over the next couple of days i will have read every word in it several times.  we are excited!

and honestly, we’re also scared.  we have no idea what is to come.  we’ve become comfortable here with the five us.  it works.  most of the time it  works really well.  there’s part of us that doesn’t want things to become uncomfortable.  but we believe following Jesus isn’t about comfort.

i’ll be writing about our journey regularly.  we’d love to have you join us by reading along.   and will you consider praying for us and whatever is to come?

in Jesus’ name…


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