so i turned 38

yesterday was my birthday.

i turned 38.

the past few days have been a whirlwind of craziness and by the grace of God we made it through.

and i woke up yesterday morning at the beach.



and i had breakfast on the upper deck with my girl.


and this cute guy had an awesome sleep!  till 10am!


and we left for a day out.

we went to see how to train your dragon 2.



our cute little guy’s hand is always in that same spot.  always.


we did a little window shopping after the movie and then had a late lunch/early dinner at red robin.



everybody with their food.  well, this is josh’s.


and this is mine.  avocado bacon burger.


spaghetti and salad because this poor child had a tooth stuck way up in her gums so it’s in the process of being moved down by the orthodontist and so she wanted something soft to eat.  she gave the croutons to her brother.


who added them to his salad and cheeseburger.


and this guy had pizza and fruit.  he always chooses the fruit.


we took a trip to sam’s club to buy another beach umbrella.  we stopped at walmart to get a few random things, like  a frying pan so josh can make eggs every morning because the pan here is not so great.  and i, well, i got a special seat cushion for our new van which i will totally write about tomorrow because i’m still so exhausted from the crazy whirlwind we just lived through.


and then we had a night walk on the beach where my pictures didn’t turn out so well because it was night time, on the beach.


our dwelling for the week.


little toes, and big ones too, got hosed off.


we had walmart carrot cake to celebrate my birthday.  it’s wasn’t terrible.


i blew out my candles, in one breath.


and yesterday we got the news that kiddo #7 was born.  can you believe that?  i mean, i can believe it, but my mind can hardly begin to comprehend it.  that God, author of everything, would have ordained, before time began, to have that child born on the same day as me 38 years later.  why, O Lord, why?

may 18th of last year, josh and i took cpr and first aid training. we chose the brown babies, because, well, our children are brown.  we had no idea what was coming.  april 17th of this year, josh sent me an email with pictures of us with those babies.  subject line: foreshadowing?  we had no idea what was coming.  i think he was right.



so, 38 will be a hard one to beat!  i’m at the beach, i arrived in a new van, and the 7th child to be a part of our family was born.

i’m a little afraid of all that lies ahead for this year, but all glory and honor to You Jesus, in whatever You do with my life.




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