God is always working on/in my heart. lately it’s felt stronger than usual. God is leading me into some new things. new opportunities to share Him and the work He’s done and continues to do in my life. i want my life to be about Him.

our worship leader, drew, has written this amazing song, proclaim, right out of the psalms. i can’t get it out of my head.

“my soul declares Your righteousnes

my mouth will speak Your truth.

my hands and feet, will show Your grace

and my life will proclaim You”

i wish you could hear it. i wish you could be there when we sing it at church. the joy that is in drew when he is leading us in worship is contagious. and i want to be like that too. i want my soul to declare His righteousness, my mouth to speak His truth, my hands and feet to show His grace, and my life to proclaim Him.

He is so amazing.

tonight was our adoption group, woven together, at church. we had a speaker, mike, from the waiting child fund. i first heard mike sometime last year, at a local ministers breakfast on adoption. i was blown away by his passion for helping waiting children, and the way he was going about doing that. i just knew i needed to have him come to our group to share his story with us. after tonight, hearing the story again, and seeing his passion again, i am reminded of what i think God might be doing with me. my story doesn’t begin and end with the adoption of my three children. i believe that somewhere along this road, there are more children for me to reach out to. i don’t know if that’s in my home or out of my home, but i know God brought mike along to remind me of the work He is doing and that i need to be a part.

He is so amazing.

and of course sara does that too, reminds me. she has a song, i saw what i saw, that was written about a trip she took to rwanda. please, watch the video here. in may i was at a concert of hers and when she talked about this song, i thought, that’s me.

“i saw what i saw and i can’t forget it

i heard what i heard and i can’t go back

i know what i know and i can’t deny it.”

i have been in the homes of abused and neglected children. waiting children. i have heard their stories, seen their pain. i know about the system and how it works and why it exists. God has shown me these things for a reason. i can’t turn a blind eye and walk away.

He is so amazing.

on my way home tonight, i turned on watermark. hidden in You was playing.

“i will call upon You Lord
for You are worthy to be praised
and You alone are deserving of my life
so this is who i am
a lover of a man who was scorned for sinners

and You, You won the war over me
so my worship will be a life that is hidden in You
Your life is setting me free
so my worship will be a life that is hidden in You

i will call upon You Lord
for You are worthy of my praise
and You alone are the center of my life
so this is who i am
offered to the man who was broken for me”

this is who i am. i am in love with a Man who was scorned for sinners and who was broken for me. and i don’t want to close myself to the stirrings He creates in my life. i want to hide myself in Him so i can be free to do what He is calling me to do.

He is so amazing.

i want my life to proclaim Him.

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  • delilah

    Hi Kirsten…I forgot you had a blog. LOL. Anyhoo…I wanted to tell you I am a big Sara fan as well. I got to see her this year and she just seems like the sweetest person. She talked about that song and gave a little background before she sang it. I hope you have had the chance to see her live!

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