• national foster care prayer vigil-day 4

    lots of pictures of my munchkins today because the prayer focus for the children is on sibling groups.  most people won’t consider fostering/adopting sibling groups.  i get that.  i really do.  it’s hard!  but, the need is great.  i can’t imagine if my three weren’t together.  just the thought of it breaks my heart.  please pray for more families to consider fostering/adopting sibling groups! the children~ pray that God would open doors to keep sibling groups intact or in contact with one another as they grow up. the families~ pray for current foster parents, that they would not lose heart and that they would be diligent in seeking justice for…

  • national foster care prayer vigil-day 2

    day 2, on behalf of the over 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system. the children~pray that these children would experience God’s love through the love and care given them by all involved in the child welfare system. the families~ pray that God would intervene in the lives of other at-risk families, and provide them with mentors who can help prevent the removal of their children in the first place. the workers~ pray that God would draw these workers to Himself, that their motivation might be rooted in the gospel and its ability to do the impossible and transform lives.   prayer requests taken from fostercareprayervigil.org