orville and i were out for a bit this morning.  we had some errands to run.

i took the long way home.  it’s scenic.  it’s a familiar path from my childhood.  it winds alongside a river.

right at the start of our journey home, there is a house that i love.  it’s old.  it’s big.  but not too big.  it’s white, with black shutters and shingles.  it’s on a large piece of land.  it’s right next to the river.

i have loved this house for years.  every time we pass it i think, “that would be a great house to get a hold of.  it probably needs some updating which would mean the price would be lower than most in the area.  and it would be a great place to raise our family.  and it would be a great place for our children to visit with our grandchildren.  plenty of land for family reunions and big birthday celebrations.”

and today, as we came around the bend toward this house, i saw it~a for sale sign.  right in the front yard.


i have given up houses for the next 40 days.  this house is one i desperately want to look up.  ridiculously, my heart is feeling a bit of an ache.

“would it be okay to look up just this one house?  just one?”  no.  it wouldn’t be okay.

40 days is 40 days.  and i hardly ever stick to anything i say i am going to do.  this thing, i will do.

39 days to go.

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