test results

i got a call from our kids social worker this morning.

me, “hello?”

social worker, “the results are in.”

me, “already?”

social worker, “yes, they are all negative. all three kids are fine.”

me, “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, they’re okay. i can’t believe it, i can’t believe it. they are all okay.”

social worker, “are you crying?”

me, “yes.”

social worker, “me too.”

the news is still new. i have a feeling it may take a couple of days for us to process it. the big question has been, “what will you do once you get the results? what if they are negative? what if they are positive?” our response has always been that we can’t make a decision until we get the results. now we have them.

please keep praying.

we’ll let you know our next step.


  • Margaret

    Kirsten this is good news. I’m glad.

    I’ve gone through your archives though and I can’t quite figure out the story. Are adopting domestically or internationally? What medical testing was this for? (Tell me to stop if I’m being too nosy.)

  • Margaret

    Thanks for pointing me to the correct post, Kirsten. It takes a special family to adopt 3 kids. A friend of mine hosted 3 siblings that came from Russia this summer and they were so much fun. (A lot of work, but fun!)

    Sorry to ask about the testing. I keep certain pieces of information private, too. I think it’s best. For our safety and privacy sake, of course, but also for respect for the kids’ privacy.

  • Kristin

    hi I came here from Margaret’s blog…what a wonderful story you have in building your family…I will be checking in faithfully to follow your progress!

    Good luck!

  • Alyssa


    I’ve been keeping up on your journey over the past few months. Wishing you and Josh happiness as more good news unfolds.

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