thank you for my business

our three and a half year old’s prayer for breakfast this morning.

“dear Jesus, thank You for we food. bless it to we bodies. thank You for my business.”


i don’t get it either.


  • Jeremy Bear

    3 YEAR OLD: And thank you, God, for my business. Amen.

    KIRSTEN: Honey? Did you just thank God for your ‘business?’

    3 YEAR OLD: That’s right, Mother.

    KIRSTEN: And… what exactly is your business?

    3 YEAR OLD: Normally I’d tell you, Mother, but it’s not your business. It’s mine.

    KIRSTEN: Well, my my! Aren’t we the little smart mouth?

    3 YEAR OLD: Let it go, Mom.

    KIRSTEN: Excuse me?

    3 YEAR OLD: I said, ‘let it go.’

    KIRSTEN: Remember when we talked about respect, sweetie? Well, this is one of those times. Please watch your tone, okay?

    3 YEAR OLD: No problem. Can you excuse me a sec?

    KIRSTEN: Uh. Are you– is that a cell phone? Where did you get a cell phone?

    3 YEAR OLD: Hello? Perfect. Good. Okay, later.

    KIRSTEN: …?

    3 YEAR OLD: I’m sorry, Mother, what was the question?

    KIRSTEN: Where did you get a cell phone? Who were you talking to?

    3 YEAR OLD: Don’t sweat it, Mom. Peas are great, by the way. That’s garlic, isn’t it?

    KIRSTEN: Don’t change the subject, little miss. Where did you get that cell phone and who were you talking to just now?

    3 YEAR OLD: When?

    KIRSTEN: Just now.

    3 YEAR OLD: Oh, just now? Not important.

    KIRSTEN: Young lady, hand the phone over NOW.

    3 YEAR OLD: Mother, let’s not do this. You’re an attractive woman, look how you’re behaving.

    KIRSTEN: HEY! Who were you talking to?!

    3 YEAR OLD: I told you: it’s my business.

    KIRSTEN: You have to the count of five, now I mean it! Answer me!

    3 YEAR OLD: Ach.

    KIRSTEN: One! Two!

    3 YEAR OLD: Could you pass the juice? Little dry over here.

    KIRSTEN: Three!

    3 YEAR OLD: Kirsten. Sincerely. Let it go.

    KIRSTEN: Four!

    3 YEAR OLD: Yep, definitely garlic. Bravo!

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