the birthday club

i turned 30 on june 23rd of this year. i felt 30 that day, maybe even a few days before that. but, today, i feel completely 30. my friend anne is 30 today. she is one of my best friends from jr. high and high school.

there were four of us. anne, alyssa, rachel, and me. we are all 30 now. and for some reason, as of today, 30 feels complete to me. there’s just something about knowing we’ve all reached the same milestone.

happy birthday annie. 30. can you believe it?


  • Dawn De Lorenzo

    Turning 30 was sooo hard for me…and this Sunday I am turning 32. It hasn’t bothered me, but I think it is because my mind is on overdrive with adoption related issues 🙂 Happy belated birthday!

  • Gary

    Happy belated birthday, Kir & Annie.

    Dawn, I turned 32 a couple of months ago. It rocks. Once I got over the feeling of being “over the hill,” being 30+ got really fun.

    I guess I realized the “over the hill” thing a couple of days ago. I was hanging out with a friend who is 23, and realized… he’s cool… and I don’t know half the music he knows, don’t dress anything like him, and find myself trying to use cool words that he will think are cool. He humors me and pretends I’ve still got it.

    Underneath it all, I’m a 32 year-old who still loves Hootie and the Blowfish – and I’m cool with that.

  • Margaret

    Happy belated birthday, Kristin.

    p.s. So happy to see you’re blogging again. Your happy ending (or beginning, actually) gives me strength during this process.

  • elle

    Welcome back!! Love the new look!

    happy birthday to you too. I turned 30 the day before you did. I still can’t believe it some days. I guess once I finally become a mom and I can start living life again that may change.

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