the coffee shop

i like starbucks.  okay, i love starbucks.  i am not a coffee drinker.  i know, tisk, tisk.  but, i do enjoy chai.  and starbucks, of course, has the best.

i tend to frequent their drive-thru’s vs. dragging 2 or 3 kids in with me.  last week when going through the drive-thru, wilbur asked, “do they have food in there?”


wilbur-“what kind?”

me-“well, they have cookies and cakes and breads and bagels and doughnuts.  sometimes they have sandwiches.”

wilbur-“how do you get it?”

me-“you order it.”

wilbur-“do you have to go in there to get it?”

me-“no, everything they have inside, you can order outside and they will pass it through the window.”

wilbur-“oh, okay.”

me-“would you like to go in there with me sometime so you can see everything that’s in there?”


so yesterday morning, we did it.  we went into starbucks.  we took amelia to school and had mommy and sons time at the coffee shop.  i brought along some juice for the boys and ordered doughnuts for them and a chai for me.  we picked a table.  they picked their seats, and mine too.  we said a prayer.  they ate.  i drank.  we all enjoyed.






this is wilbur imitating josh’s ‘one raised eyebrow’ face.

oh, and this morning,the boys were playing with their mcdonald’s playset.  wilbur had the headset on and i overheard him say, “you’ll have a grande chai?  will that be all?”



  • Ann

    So fun! My kids LOVE Starbucks! Emma, who is 3, frequently says she needs coffee (meaning hot chocolate). Here’s a tip: they sell kid’s hot chocolates or vanilla steamers for like a buck! The only catch is now EVERY time you go through the drive through, they’ll yell “AND 3 KIDS HOT CHOCOLATES!!!” But it’s so fun!!! 🙂

  • Brit

    So funny – I too love Starbucks but hate coffee. For some reason the Tazo Awake Tea tastes better when they make it in the store than when I bring the tea bags home. Maybe it’s the cup? Maybe it’s that the water is hotter? Maybe it’s just that it’s a treat:)

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