The First Blog: "Our" First Business Trip

I wanted to start blogging a long time ago. Actually, just a couple of months ago is when I first learned about blogging. My husband Josh told me he was going to blog and I honestly thought it sounded like kind of a strange thing to do. But, any of you who are married know that once your spouse has an idea, somehow you catch on too. So, here I am.

This first official blog isn’t what I had originally intended it to be. I imagined something very deep and personal, but then came the first official business trip for my husband.

Josh is in Florida now and for the first time in our almost three years of marriage, we will be spending more than two nights apart. I know many people travel for work so many couples are accustomed to time apart from one another. But, when you’ve been married awhile, and always together, the first time apart is especially, well, different.

In our marriage, just like most, there are usually times of strife, tension. Recently during those times, I have been thinking, “This Florida business trip couldn’t come at a more perfect time. I really need some time alone.” And then departure day came for Josh, and I was wishing I hadn’t thought those things and that I didn’t really need much time alone.

This first day has gone well. Josh updated me on his travels so I knew he was safe. I was busy with work and having dinner with a friend.

Josh and I chatted on the phone for a few minutes not too long ago. He is in awe of his hotel and watching The Simpsons. I miss him, but probably not as much as I will on day four of his journey, the day he returns.

So, even though he is the one who has traveled 1,024 miles away,(It’s exact, I checked!)a part of me has traveled with him. That’s why this is “Our” first business trip.

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  • Anonymous

    I am posting anon as I don’t have an account. Just wanted to say your blog looks nice. And congrats on
    getting underway with your first blog 🙂 Look forward
    to many more blogs to read and ponder! Love, Lee

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