there is joy in our home

“i felt it when i first walked in your home, joy,” he said.  my uncle mike came to visit today.  he’s been in town for awhile and is heading out soon.  he stopped by this afternoon to hang out with our family.

i loved having a grown~up conversation with him.  my whole life, he’s been an adult.  and now i am his peer.

he’s amazing, this uncle of mine. he’s wise.  he’s deep.  he’s sincere.  he’s flawed, and he admits it.  he’s been redeemed, and he’s grateful.  he speaks the truth, completely bathed in love.  he seeks the Lord.  he follows the Lord.  he trusts the Lord with all his heart.

he’s on an adventure.  he’s doing a great deal of traveling.  he’s asking the Lord to lead him where He wants him to go.  i feel that his time here with us today was God ordained.  i feel so privileged that we were incorporated into his journey.

he spoke love into our lives, into our family, into our home.  he delighted in our children.  he delighted in the story of our family.  he told us we’ve done a good job, we’re doing a good job.  and he said there is joy in our home.

joy.  in our home.

as he walked out our front door, down our porch stairs, and down the sidewalk to his car, my heart ached a little.  i wished we had more time.

uncle mike reading a book about our family with the boys

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