there is no script for this

two weeks ago i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

honestly, we thought we already had enough going on.

we thought we were already pretty far away from the safety of the shore.

we thought we were already deep enough.

but apparently not.

now we are going deeper.

being led farther.

there is no script for this.

we don’t really know how to feel.

this always happens to someone else, but now it’s happening to me.

there isn’t really a good way to share this news. there really isn’t a right way.

just like the doctor said, “it is cancer”, i’ve been having to say, “i have cancer”.

we don’t know why it’s here.

but we trust Him.  still.

and i’m praying that i don’t take my eyes off of Him.

i don’t want to lose sight of Him.

so we move forward.

we take the next step.  only the very next step.

for us, there is no script for this, though God has the storyline perfectly penned.

You make me brave


  • Marie

    Almighty Father Ruler of all. Most merciful, you have heard our cries for Kirsten and from Kirsten. You know that our first wish is that you will display your glory through this situation and make us all witnesses of your great power and love. Secondly we ask that this be taken away. We know you can do that and TODAY we beg you to. It’s not that it’s so scary (even though it is) because we know you have Kiraten in your arms It’s not because she isn’t up for a test-she’s ready. It is just such a sucky situation to be in! There is so much going on right now with the kids, with the church with everything!! Will you please remove this from her plate so that she will be able to accomplish your glory and business of love in bold ways? And finally God we understand that you know best. We know that all of this is on your schedule and doesn’t surprise you. We may not understand or quite frankly even want to but please use Kirsten well in this situation if it must continue. Allow her to meet the people whose hearts need touched. Allow her to be put into situations to display your greatness and most of all to experience the real true love of your heart like she never has before. We love you so much and have faith that you have no Desiree for ANYTHING except our best. Please shower Kirsten with your best today. In Jesus name. AMEN

  • Amy

    Wow is all I can say. You do work in mysterious ways don’t you? Please bless Kirsten with peace and joy as she comes out of surgery and into recovery. I pray that you would surround her and Josh and kids with your heavenly hosts for protection, supply and for whatever else You think is needed. I pray that each child would be able to express themselves during this process and not internalize. Please keep the Enemy from lying to Kirsten, Josh and the kids. I pray you would quench all the fiery darts and bring much glory to your Name during this process. I pray you would bring the body of Christ around this family that they would be loved and cared for.
    thank you Father,
    In Jesus’ Name

    For God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind
    2 Tim 1:7

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