there's a first time for everything

and one of mine came today.

i was peed on by my baby.

sounds gross to say it that way, but how else do you phrase it?

besides, it is gross.

all those years of baby-sitting and being a nanny and i never had that happen.

i get my own kids and a few days later, one of them lets loose.

thanks little guy.

i guess my time has been coming.


  • Suz

    You know the old wive’s saying… If you’re peed on by your child, you’ll live to see them married! Like your so old and all – hee hee.

  • Kristin

    what an amazing story your blog tells… i think i was here about a month ago and you didn’t have your children yet… how wonderful to come back by and see (sort of!) a photo of them in your home!

    congratulations on your new family!

  • sunshinedaily4me

    I got the link to your blog from another. I will check back. Its nice to “meet” you. By the way, I love your name – “Kirsten” – I have only known one other gal named Kirsten – she lived across the street from me in Little Rock, Arkansas….we moved away when she was only 5 or so….I think…anyway, I’ll check back. I enjoyed reading your posts.

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