they needed a family

one line.

one line in our story.

one line in the book i wrote about our family.

one line.

four words.

thirty minutes of crying.

thirty minutes of sobbing.

thirty minutes of weeping.

by my tenderhearted eight year old boy.

they needed a family.

it makes him sad.

he couldn’t quite explain why.

and i’m not about to put words in his mouth.

i held him.

and he held on to me.

he held on tight.

i told him it makes me sad too.

i told him i don’t understand it either.

i told him it’s okay to be sad.

i told him it’s okay to cry.

i told him it’s okay to not understand.

i told him that even though we’re sad and we don’t understand, God has a plan.

and that His plan is good.  (jeremiah 29:11)

and that we cannot understand His ways. (isaiah 55:8-9)

and that’s where our faith comes in. (hebrews 11:1, 2 corinthians 5:7)

and that when we get to Heaven, i’m going to tell God i don’t understand and i’m going to ask Him to explain it to me.  (though i have the feeling once i get there, i won’t need things explained that happened here!)

i told him that while i don’t understand and it makes me sad too, i love him more than he’ll ever know and i believe in what God is doing.

i told him that one of the best things he can do when he’s sad, is come to me and tell me.

and i will hold him while he cries.

they needed a family.

and now they have one.

but it doesn’t make everything better.

it doesn’t make it any easier to understand.

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