too many questions?

i often finding myself telling our children to stop asking me questions.  “mommy’s answered too many and she needs a question break!”, i’ll say.  and in their silence i feel guilty.  and i think i shouldn’t ask them to stop.  i am their mom.  i want them to get their answers from me.  not everyone can be trusted to answer their questions appropriately.  and, i want to be a good parent.  i desperately want that.

thinking about God being the ultimate parent, i wondered if He’d ever say to me, “stop asking questions kirsten!  I’ve answered too many, and I need a break!”  my first thought was “no, He’d never tell me to stop.”  but then i thought, “He does ask me to stop sometimes.” sometimes He says,”I’ve given you all you need to know right now.  I’m not answering more questions right now.  rest in what I’ve given you for this time.  be still.”

He can’t answer every question i ask, every time i ask one.  well, He can, He is God.  but, in His sovereignty, He chooses to ask me to wait for His timing.  and in my silence, He doesn’t feel guilty, because He’s doing what’s best for me.

while my children aren’t always asking me potentially life~altering questions, like i’m usually asking my Heavenly Father, it’s okay for me to tell them ‘no more questions’ for a period of time.  there will be a time when i’m not questioned out. there will be a time for answers.

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