urgent care-no joke

last night we were scheduled to have our first overnight visit with the three little kiddos.  saturday while they were here, josh hurt his back picking one of them up.  Sunday it was bothering him, but it wasn’t that bad.  yesterday, he could hardly move.

he started the morning just fine, but before he was leaving for work, i needed him to latch a rear-facing car seat for me.  after working on that for a couple of minutes, he was in a great amount of pain.

IMG_4761 2

we ended up at urgent care and found he had torn his lower back muscle on the right side. not good for picking up small children. we knew right away that having the children overnight wouldn’t work, but we were confused.  since first hearing about them, we have been taking one step at a time and each step, the door has been open.  i kept thinking God would close the door.  was He now?

we moved through the morning-getting his prescriptions filled, getting him obscene amounts of candy, getting the heating pad set up for his back.  the boys and i went to the movies and the grocery store. we prayed.  josh and i had conversations about what the Lord may be doing and we both felt He was asking us to slow down.  He made it quite obvious that the kids weren’t supposed to join us last night.  He hasn’t however made it obvious that He’s closing the door.

josh’s back is slowly healing.  the pain he felt yesterday morning hasn’t returned.  the dr. said in about five days, he should feel completely better.  the new plan is for the kiddos to visit this friday.  hopefully i can get more pictures of the backs of their precious heads.

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