video games

the kids ask josh, at least a million times a day, if they can play video games.  he gets asked so much because they love to play, but mostly because when they ask me i say, “that’s a daddy thing to do with you.”  so as soon as he walks in the door after work, usually orville, is saying, “can we play video games daddy?”  and on the weekends, as soon as we are out of bed, orville is usually asking, “can we play video games daddy?”

this morning was no different.  and josh said no.  we had all just gotten up.  we were getting breakfast started.  orville needed to wait for video games.  so he did.  until we started eating breakfast.  then he asked again after breakfast, while he was still seated at the table.  josh said, “look.  it’s still early.  we just finished eating.  we’re not playing video games now.”  “when i get down?”, orville asked.  “no”, josh said, “not for a long time.”  orville replied, “well, you can’t leave me here forever.  i can’t stay here all day because when it gets dark, i have to go to sleep.”

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