want me to do something for you?

when we get home, from anywhere, we wash our hands.  we have one bathroom, on the second floor, so the kids all head up there.  the first one up the stairs, gets to wash their hands first.

sometimes, someone needs to go to the bathroom as well as wash their hands.  i’ve asked that when that happens, that person wait and go last so the other kiddos don’t have to stand there waiting, just to wash their hands.

this morning after being out a while and returning home, wilbur was the first one up to the bathroom and only needed to wash his hands.  amelia was next, and then orville.  orville cut in front of amelia, which he often does, which makes her whine, which she often does.  “i’m telling,” she said, “because i have to go to the bathroom.”  “you have to wait,” said orville.  and that was the beginning of the argument.

amelia said ‘i’m telling’ over and over again.

orville said ‘i’m going first.’ ‘please don’t tell.’ and, ‘are you still telling?’ over and over again.

the last time amelia said she was telling on him, he said, “please don’t tell.  want me to do something for you?”

an attempt at bribery.  that didn’t work.  he still went before her.  and when she came downstairs i reminded her that she can wait to use the bathroom and let her brothers wash their hands first.

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