what if?


we were getting ready for school one morning a few months ago.  i was brushing maddie’s hair.

“what if we find a sister and she has a brother?  would we adopt him too?”, she asked.

i was a bit shocked.  “um.  wow.  uh, yeah.  i guess we would.  yes, we would.”

the thought had never crossed my mind.  she wanted a sister.  in my mind it ended there.  many ‘what ifs’ have entered my thoughts since the possibility of a second adoption came about.  but a brother?  no.  coming to us with a sister?  no.  but could i tell my sweet girl no?  we did keep she and her brothers together.

i said a quick prayer, “Lord, would You call us to siblings?  again?  if so, let me know.”

we’ve done the sibling thing before.  we have a bit of an idea of how to handle that.  it would make sense, for us to take in siblings again.

i took the kids to school.  i prayed more.  i asked the Lord to make it clear, to make us open.  josh and i talked that night, both of us finding it honestly kind of comical.  it would make sense for God to call us to a sibling group adoption again.  it’s crazy, but it makes sense.

so now we’re halfway through our pre-service training.  and we’re getting closer to a second adoption(though we still have a long way to go).  and we’re wondering what the Lord has planned for us.  and when our social worker asks us what we think we’re able to handle,  we’ll tell her,  “we’d like to find a sister.  and if she has a brother, we’ll adopt him too.”



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