when your friend cleans your new house

she wanted to help out with the new house situation.  she offered to watch the kids-some of them, all of them, here, there, somewhere else.  i told her, and this is good but also kind of annoying, that anyone who watches the kids has to be approved by our foster care/adoption agency.  there wouldn’t be enough time to get her approved before we were moving.

she asked if she could clean the house.  um, no.  thank you, but no.  i couldn’t let her do that.  and besides, it’s all brand new.  new floors, new appliances, new bathrooms.  no one has used any of it.  well, our kids have used the toilets, but other than that.

i told josh she offered.  josh didn’t hesitate to say we should let her.

i told her i would swallow my pride.

we were finishing up our time there after just getting the keys.  she came over and brought her oldest daughter with her.  i greeted her outside and introduced her to our friend bryan.  when we stepped inside the front door, i told her he’s the one who bought the house.  her eyes filled with tears.  no words.

i gave her a quick tour of the house.  she had been to our current house.  she knew the need for more space.  she just kept smiling.

she was eager to get started cleaning.  both she and her daughter were visibly happy to be there.

we were getting ready to leave.  as she was cleaning the kitchen counters i told her i felt so strange, letting her clean my house while i left.  she told me to go, to take care of my family.  she said she was going to continue to wipe things down and she was going to pray over it all.  now my eyes were filled with tears.

thank you megan, and your sweet girl.


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