when your friends give you the keys to your new house

saturday morning around 9, our friend bryan came over.  he stepped into the smallness and the chaos for the first time.  he helped us load up our van with kiddos and some random things.  he put a set of shelves in his trunk.  he followed us over to the new house.

we got out of the van.  we started to unbuckle kids.  he handed us the keys.  the keys to our new house.

i froze.  i told josh to take them because i just couldn’t.  i couldn’t because i can’t wrap my mind around this.  there will never be enough words to express my gratitude for this gift.  there will never be enough ways to say thank you.

we filed into the house.  and there we stood.  the place that will be our home.  the place where we will finish raising our three children.  the place where we’ll continue to care for the four littles.  and if they stay, the place where we will raise them.  and if they leave, the place where we’ll care for more littles God sends our way.

a piano was left behind.  none of us play, but maybe one of us will learn one day.


after seeing the house several times, i finally noticed this gem in the basement.  i think it may have been covered over by artwork.  to me, it is artwork.  who has an actual no smoking plaque in their house?  oh, me.


i put up my first decoration.


a declaration.

IMG_9545 - Version 2

this house.


it is a gift, from the heart of our Father, through the hands of our friends.


all of the wonder and awe and praise belongs to Him.


  • Lizzie Rings

    Kirsten, I have followed your beautiful story through this blog and I am so happy for you and Josh. You deserve all of this and more. I would love the chance to come visit you this winter break if that’s at all possible. You can email me at ringslizzie@gmail.com or just text me at (330) 734-9689

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