wilbur's at it again!

last night we had dinner with some friends. two girls i went to high school with, their husbands, and one of the couples two children. it was the first time for the couple with children to meet our children. so, the kids were all meeting for the first time too. they were a little shy at first, which is to be expected. but wilbur got to checking out their three year old daughter pretty quickly. he would move in close to her face and smile. she would move away. he would touch the arm of her sweater, and she’d pull away a little. he reached in to feel her hair and excitedly said, “your hair is so comfy i could take a nap on it.”



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  • Lee

    He cracks us up!! You have your hands full with Wilbur! He is going to be a lady’s man for sure! Just look at that charming grin! Oh boy! :o)

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